The age of fizz

We need Science. We do. Where would we be without it? But eons ago, all people had to go on was their personal experience. The world was has they saw, heard, felt and thought about it.  People paid heed to what personal feelings and experience told them. When it comes to our health and fitness, I believe we need to get back to doing this. We need to discover how we can stay strong and energetic  experience the fizz of fitness, regardless of our age.

The first step is to see how the way we think about our bodies will dictate our fitness, no matter how young or old we are. Some people feel that sweating, breathlessness and aching limbs are signs that they are ill . They see it as a form of pain. (If you are feeling like that  just sitting on the couch, then you are ill . But these same feelings during exercise are signs of completely the opposite – namely that your body is working as it’s supposed to! )

Many older people (in my experience, the vast majority) surrender meekly to the idea that their bodies will follow an inevitable path of deterioration.

In this blog I want to challenge ideas like these in the strongest way I can. I want to persuade you that you can experience the fizz of fitness no matter what your age.





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